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Timor Treasures
Timor Treasures
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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W1293-Upfoan TTU  TTU  W1293-Upfoan TTU 

Handwoven on a simple backstrap loom which the weaver herself tensions with her feet against a backboard. This womens tubular 'skirt' called sarong or Tais has been executed using all handspun cotton and natural dyes and displays 2 clear bands of Ikat that depict the weaves clan and totemic guardian spirits. A good stong piece. This photograph does not d... More Info...

Sarongs/Tais  W1293  $395.00 
W1292-Belu c1960  BELU  W1292-Belu c1960 

Handwoven in the 1960s' in Motomoron near the Belu TTU border using mostly handspun cotton and natrural dyes. Thin stipes of commercial thread have been used to intersperse the Ikat stipes of kaif motif or hook and rhomba which tells of the weavers clan and totemic spirits. The borders of this tubular womens 'skirt' called sarong or Tais are edged w... More Info...

Sarongs/Tais  W1292  $850.00 
W1280-Miomafo TTU  TTU  W1280-Miomafo TTU 

Handwoven on a simple backstrap loom from the famed Miomafo area in TTU West Timor. Executed in 3 panels, the exquisite ikat or tie dye motif work in the central panel is from natural indigo and the side stripes are commercial dyes. All commercial thread.

The intricately tight&nb... More Info...

Blankets/Throws  W1280  $425.00 
W1279-Biboke TTU  TTU  W1279-Biboke TTU 

Handwoven by Ibu Lani Natois from the village of Kuluan near the famed weaving centre of Biboke in TTU West Timor. She uses a simple backstap loom with a combination of commercial and natural morinda dye on commercial thread to create this tasteful 2 panel, 3 colour ikat that is indicitive of the area. Mens bl... More Info...

Blankets/Throws  W1279  $295.00 
W1264 - Ndao/Roti  Alor/Roti  W1264 - Ndao/Roti  Hand-dyed and woven on a simple backstrap loom by Ibu Fera Tule, a lady who clearly enjoys life. Created using IKAT or tie dying this scarf displays a  variation on the flower motif in the central panel flanked by half flowers & scrollwork. The motif of this area lend back to the silk Patola cloth of India that came through the Spice lslands in the 1600s'... More Info... Scarves from Alor & NDAO NTT  W1264  $38.00 
W1247-Biboke TTU  TTU  W1247-Biboke TTU 

Handwoven in Luniup, Biboke selatan, TTU on a simple backstrap loom using commercial cotton and a combination of commerical and natural dyes. 2 major ikat bands in indigo of Futmanu-Jungle chicken motif with 4 smaller bands and clouds. This is a lovely example of clear tight IKAT or tie dye to great effect. A large mans... More Info...

Blankets/Throws  W1247  $255.00 
W1234-Amarasi KUPANG  Kupang  W1234-Amarasi KUPANG 

Hand woven in Baun, Amarasi just outside of Kupang. Very few weavings from this area are made available to the open market.

This MAUANA or mens blanket came to me in the bus terminal in Kefa, which is in the middle of Timor. Handwoven by... More Info...

Blankets/Throws  W1234  $475.00 
W1233-Belu c1935  BELU  W1233-Belu c1935 

Handwoven in the 1930s' by Ibu Serenia who was related to the Royal Family. She lived in the kampong (small village) Keletk in the desa (township) of Failuka in Belu West Timor.

Ibu Serenia wove this womens tubular 'skirt' called sarong/tais on a simple backstrap loom in which, She, the weaver tensions the thread by placing her feet against a backboard.... More Info...

Sarongs/Tais  W1233  $1,400.00 
W1232-Nunpoi Malaka Belu  TTU  W1232-Nunpoi Malaka Belu 

Handwoven by Ibu Luruk Mauk from the village of Nunponi in Malaka West Timor. 

Using all handspun cotton and natural dyes Ibu Luruk has expertly woven this womens tubular sarong on a simple backstrap loom that she herself tensions using a backboard to push her feet against. Ibu Luruk has incorporated her traditional motif Kaif Naek which ... More Info...

Sarongs/Tais  W1232  $750.00 
W1231-Belu Old 1933  BELU  W1231-Belu Old 1933  Untitled document

Hand woven by Ibu Maria Ab... More Info...

Sarongs/Tais  W1231  $2,250.00 
W1225-Nikki Nikki TTS  TTS  W1225-Nikki Nikki TTS 

This sash is wider than usual. Commercial thread and dyes.

15cm wide x 171cm long.

6" wide x 67.5" long.

Ikat Pinggang/More Info...

Sash/Ikat Pinggang  W1225  $25.00 
W1223 Selimut - Blanket - East Timor  East Timor  W1223 Selimut - Blanket - East Timor 

Handwoven in the village of Maurobo on a simple backstrap loom. One of the few areas in East Timor with a relatively unbroken tradition of weaving.  Using a combination of handspun cotton and commercial thread , natural and commercial dyes to produce large three panel blanket with ikat stripes that tells of the weavers ... More Info...

East Timor  W1223  $350.00 
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